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Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom

$23.99 — $121.99

If you want your plants to achieve their greatest potential, use Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Bloom. This superior formulation provides comprehensive fertilization for both indoor and outdoor plants. Composed of natural materials, this bio-stimulant is an advanced source of nutrients, metabolic precursors and growth promoters. By revitalizing soils and boosting plant health, Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Bloom will increase harvests while enhancing the taste and aroma of your fruits and flowers.

ò Supplies correct nutrient ratios
ò Contains naturally derived bio-stimulants
ò Provides reduced carbon and reduced nitrogen
ò Provides 80 phytochemicals
ò Contains chitin

Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Bloom can be used either as a stand-alone formulation or to enhance an existing base-nutrient formulation. To use as a stand-alone fertilizer, mix this product at a rate of 7.5û15.0 ml per litre. When using Organic Super Tea Bloom as a supplement to a base nutrient program, mix 2.0û5.0 ml of product in every litre of water that you apply to the plants’ roots. With these simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy incredible results.