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Connoisseur Premium 2 Part Set A & B

$0.00 — $154.99

If you want amazing, higher quality harvests and heavier yields, choose Connoisseur Parts A & B. Through its special blend of highest quality ingredients, Connoisseur Part A gives you control over a wide variety of plant mechanisms. When used in conjunction with Connoisseur Part B, this two-part formula can be varied according to your particular needs and the individual conditions involved.

When used together with Connoisseur Part A, these components comprise a superior two-part liquid fertilizer that will provide you with the best results possible. The special formulation of first-class ingredients ensures that your plants receive the comprehensive nutrition they need in order to produce incredible products. Connoisseur Part B will help you advance to a new level of growing, resulting in larger fruits and abundant, heavier bloo