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Britain To Get Its First Vertical Farm

We often highlight hydroponics and aquaponics in far flung corners of the world such as the Middle East and even the heart of the Pacific Ocean. For the latest news of an innovative hydroponics project however we needn’t look any further than Manchester.

It was reported recently that a new project would see the introduction of vertical farming to Britain within a disused tower block in the northern city. The project is part of Manchester’s International Festival (set to take place in 2013) and will turn a disused office block named Alpha House in the city suburb of Wythenshawe into a hi-tech food production facility.

The project is being led by Creative Concern who see the inclusion of the local community as key to its success and hope by 2013, the facility will be capable of growing enough lettuce, tomatoes, vegetables and even chickens, bees and fish to support the entire International Festival in 2013.

One of the important elements of the Wythenshawe project is that it is recycling a building which no one in the local area wants anymore and turning it into a useful facility for the community. Vertical farms are often outlandishly designed, more akin to science fiction rather that viable solutions for today’s society. In contrast, this project is using an existing building and will demonstrate the possibilities for the future of urban agriculture in a real world setting.

The project has been labelled as Alpha Farm and it is currently unique in the world. Its importance, not purely to the north west of England but also the planet is immeasurable, as it will demonstrate the viability of practical vertical farming in a city environment.

Alpha Farm epitomises the sustainability and practicality which makes hydroponics and aquaponics systems so promising in the future of agriculture. In two years time, when the International Festival returns to Manchester all eyes will be on Wythenshawe to see how successful such a project can be.

via Hydroponic News UK

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